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Buy First, Pay After: Unique Magento Mobile Application Selling Feature


There are so many positive features of an eCommerce Magento Mobile Application that makes it a hot spot among its regular users. Although nothing beats the genuine comfort of shopping that comes with the option of paying for orders after receiving it.

In short, cash on delivery feature has become an instant favorite among online shoppers, which allows them to shop as they like without having to pay for the product before.

eCommerce on the whole has enabled people to shop 24×7 through websites and applications. But earlier, the companies did not introduce as many options to pay as we now have.

People used to pay for a product online through credit card, net banking or wire transfer while placing order. This was not considered a user centric approach because people found it difficult to receive their orders on time or track it in case it never reached.



Slowly and gradually, businesses enforced the cash on delivery feature on their websites and Magento Mobile Application so as to give their users a trustworthy platform to shop from.

This remarkable change led to a revolutionized ecommerce world, where people started shopping online more often. This was because people were free to pay for a product only after they receive it.

Cash on delivery payment option is specifically user centric because it simplifies the entire process of hassle free online shopping. Users no longer feel that they spent money on an online order and did not get it.

magento mobile application cash on delivery


Although people need to confirm their order first so as to ensure that they will be paying the amount upon delivery. Through confirmation, businesses also save themselves from unnecessary loss due to fake orders.

Specifically in Magento Mobile Application, the users can quickly shop anytime they want and opt for cash on delivery. This feature is a great marketing and sales tool as it guarantees that a user is no longer hesitant to shop and will buy more frequently. Therefore, more and more online retail businesses, whether small or large scale, are introducing this feature.

Cash on delivery option is also an indirect way of promoting your application, while at the same time it encourages people to shop more. By implementing this subtle change in your business model, either through a website or an app, you can retain old customers while make new ones as well. Moreover, you get double the amount of your normal sales, which means it’s a win win situation for your business.


In the end, we just want to let you know that the COD option is a great way to boost your online retail business through ecommerce Magento Mobile App or website. It not only gains trust of your customers, but also guarantees you more sales. While at the same time, customers do not feel pressurized of paying for a product beforehand.

So, go ahead and make the necessary changes to boost your online sales as well as earn a great and reliable repute among your customers.


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