4 Mobile Commerce Trends 2016: What should Mobile app for Magento store learn?

The entire world is going gaga with the upsurge of mobile based shopping options, giving them pure privilege to shop as they please. Due to an instant surge in the use of ecommerce Magento mobile app out of many other options, online retailers are reaping in benefits of mobile commerce.

Year 2015 saw launch of many apps, but the year 2016 is going to lift the scale even more. The statistics and trends that revolve around use of applications, that too particularly for shopping bliss, is immense!

If you want to mark 2016 as the year that yields profit for your online ecommerce Magento Mobile App and your overall ecommerce, then you must adapt yourself with these staggering changes that are already taking place in this year.

4 Mobile Commerce Trends 2016: What should Mobile app for Magento store learn?

  1. Choose to be Cross-Platform

    Don’t make the mistake of sticking to a particular smartphone or an operating system. Since Android and iPhone are the industry Goliaths, it would be a grueling task to establish a cross-platform presence. Many people around the globe now have more than 2 different digital devices. Every opportunity is crucial for your business. Hence, choose to be cross-platform.

  2. Mobile Websites will transcend Apps

    As much as mobile apps for Magento store are being used nowadays, question is for how long? Despite the convenience and easy accessibility, mobile friendly websites will make a comeback and most probably transcend applications very easily. Reason behind it – people still are hung up on browsers and very much use them for that traditional feeling.

  3. User Experience will be priority

    Users and user experience – these two will never run out of the mobile commerce domain. After all, the entirety of digital commerce depends on consumerism. From quick loading to easy on boarding process – everything matters to maintain smooth user experience. In fact, mobile moments ensure that brands can leverage user specific needs in their best use.

  4. Faster Checkout System

    With a great inclination towards online shopping, mobile commerce will grow 300% faster than traditional ecommerce. To deal with this growth, online retailers will have to implement faster checkout system in their ecommerce Magento mobile app for iOS and Android. This seamless checkout system will encourage users to rapidly pay for products.

Let’s quickly have a glance on a few figures which will help you understand everything:

  1. 2 billion mobile based transactions will take place by 2017.
  2. Mobile devices generate 29% of search queries.
  3. 42% people make calls to businesses through mobile search.
  4. Local mobile searches have 80% conversion rate.
  5. East Asia is particularly fond of online shopping, followed by USA and UK.
  6. The worldwide share of Android and iOS is 98.4%, with 80.7% share of Android and 17.7% of iOS.


Since we have already made it to the half of 2016, we can’t wait to see how exactly these trends evolve our shopping experience by the time we enter 2017. For all online business owners having an ecommerce mobile app for Magento store, these stats and trends outline a very lucrative business strategy. If implemented wisely, any business can experience a steady growth – reputation and finance wise.


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