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How much has Magento Mobile App contributed to user experience


Did you know that 98% people shop online now and three quarters of them do so on mobile. Now that’s a huge number and even though people still love shopping in person, the truth is that ecommerce Magento Mobile App has contributed hugely in streamlining the user shopping experience.

Despite a huge number of people now shopping online, mobile commerce is yet to go miles. With the present advancing technology, retailers have been given an opportunity to rethink their strategies and better them for future. They can very well cover up with thin line between their physical and online store.


The application for shopping has significantly collected user oriented data, something which was difficult to get earlier, unless it was done through surveys. Even surveys didn’t guarantee true data; it was ambiguous and gave an outline of what it was for the users. However, the analytics for Magento mobile app simplifies collecting data for the retailers, which helps them furthermore to rationalize appropriate strategies.

Moreover, with digital approach comes many opportunities where they can rebrand, launch or merchandise their online store. Therefore, app owners get a good value to work with, where they can drive maximum omni-channel customers.


As far as the ease for customers and their exemplified customer experience is concerned, an online app definitely smoothes out the wrinkles in a traditional digital shopping experience. People no longer need to rely on clumsy and slow-loading responsive site when they have an app sitting in their smartphone. This way they get the liberty to shop anytime anywhere from the app 24×7.

Moreover add-on features such as different payment options, cash on delivery, multiple languages, coupon codes etc. make the user shopping experience more interactive and fun. This doesn’t bother them with a monotonous or dull experience. In addition to these fun and live features, an ecommerce Magento mobile app also boasts of sleek and minimalistic designs which are easily navigable and can be used by all the customers hassle free.


At the end, an online mobile shop as well as its application definitely has its perks, while at the same time it has added so much comfort and worth to a user’s shopping experience. It is easy to use, saves them money and time, guarantees them quality and never gets monotonous. So, how far has your Magento Mobile App helped your customers and your business?


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