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5 Mobile App features that boost Magento store sales


Online retail revenue has been growing at a staggering rate through mobile devices over the last few years. As people continue browsing more from their smartphones and tablets on the go, the businesses get more assertive to make progressive decisions. Continuing that, you can leverage the mobile retail by making use of the fantastic 5 ecommerce Magento Mobile App features that are so effective in increasing sales.

From customer behavior to offers, these features lead to profound sales changes, particularly because they form a very dynamic and efficient shopping procedure that eventually helps in bagging the exponential growth. If you want to take advantage of these features and lead the ecommerce race, then keep on reading.

Assuming that you already have a dedicated mobile application, we will now share with you the 5 valuable features that you can take advantage of, or incorporate them in your ecommerce Magento mobile application if you don’t have already.


5 Magento Mobile App features that boost store sales


App-exclusive Discounts

The very obvious way you can fire up sales is by offering app-exclusive discounts. This way, customers feel the need to shop through mobile in order to avail the discount and save money. Hence, you get the benefit of having direct orders through the smart devices rather than the desktop. Moreover, having an app a click away is a more easy option for your customers to shop from.


Loyalty Programs

A very much proven method, loyalty programs have had a charm of their own for a very long time that works wonders every time in the retail industry. You reward your customers every time they shop from you. In this case, you can plan out a special loyalty program for the customers who shop only from the web app. It is basically a great way to increase your sales as well as track the orders placed from the app itself.


Cashback Programs

Cashback offers are often a steal deal for the shoppers. You can collaborate with the payment gateway or credit card providers to offer cash back to the customers who shop exclusively through application. This way, customers don’t feel guilty for shopping because they get a little amount of money back from what they spent. Moreover, it helps boost the use of credit card or a particular payment gateway as well as increase your mobile sales.


Push Notifications

Out of the entire lot, push notifications are the only driving power that paves way for successful sales in ecommerce Magento mobile application. In the absence of this feature, you would fail to notify and correspondingly make customers to shop from you. Hence, this feature can be used as gentle reminder to alert customers about the exclusive deals and offers taking place on your shopping mobile app. Push Notifications undoubtedly make customers feel that they are being duly informed.


Referrals & Coupons

With the referral discounts and day to day special coupons, you can entice a customer’s normal shopping experience by giving them a little extra credit. However, referrals and coupons ideally have longevity which makes the redemption process a little bit slow than what you would expect. Regardless, knowing that coupons and referral discounts have been distributed to your entitled customers, you know they will shop sooner or later.


If you pay extra attention to diversifying these features and making a wise use of them in your mobile app for Magento store, you can surely see the difference in your sales in no time.

However, you need to plan strategically in order to reap benefits from these features. At the end of the day the in-store mobile features determine how optimally you are making sales and how you can advance more.

By leveraging these powerful features, you can make your shopping application an ultimate selling machine and take your online business to the another tier. So, are you using these features to boost your sales?  


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