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Build your Magento Mobile App before the festive season starts


All across the globe, businesses right now are gearing up for the onset of festival season. Whether you live in US, Europe or Asia, there are lots of festivals lined up until the end of year. So, is your business all prepped up for the massive sales that you can bag in during this time of the year? Are you prepared for the big challenge that can turn the tables? We are talking about Magento Mobile App which will be a game changer! Keep reading if you want to know more.

64% people nowadays rely on smartphones and mobile devices to shop online. Believe it or not, online shopping has become an everyday routine for a majority of people. They download applications and visit them almost everyday to check out whether there’s an exciting deal, offer or flash sales happening. Such is the power of having an ecommerce Magento mobile app that is changing the ecommerce scenario significantly.

So, why exactly are we suggesting you to have your own application before the festive season? We have compiled all those compelling reasons that will be an ice breaker in your current sales condition and will make you get your app made immediately. Let’s check them out.


Festive Sales, Discounts, Offers & much more..

Every business comes up with special offers solely meant to please its customers. Without a doubt, apps have the power to draw in maximum app users to the sales you will host. This means a higher conversion rate and high number of sales. If you still haven’t understood, your business will earn more revenue during this season from the mobile app alone!


Quick & Hassle-free Shopping Experience

It is obvious that festive season calls on flocks of online shoppers who would swarm various online shopping outlets such as websites. However, websites suffer from major crash problems in such a situation. Therefore, you can retain your potential customers and ensure them a quick and personalized shopping experience through Magento mobile app. The app will load quickly, giving your customers a propitious window to grab the offers.


Future Loyalty Reward Programs

You can double the fun for your customers by giving them extra reward points for the shopping orders placed during your festive season sale. This will save your customers from shopping guilt, and even though they would be making the most of your offers, they will know that their future shopping will equally be sane with the special reward points. These kind of programs make a huge difference in your marketing and sales goals.


Enhanced Push Notifications

Whether you have a week long sale or a flash sale ready to be put on your Magento iOS App, they need to be conveyed to all your customers via the powerful push notifications. These notifications are inbuilt and will pop up as a notifications in the smartphones. Being a pop up message, the push notification feature makes great use of media and deep linking which results in higher conversion rate by bringing people directly to the app.


So, how can you benefit from all these features specifically in the coming season? Your answer is Magento Mobile Shop’s free app builder extension that creates mcommerce apps automatically and quickly. Don’t wait up, make your free app today!


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