Beginners Guide to boosting Magento App Store Sales

Beginners Guide to boosting Magento App Store Sales

By the end of 2019, approximate 3 trillion dollars would be spent on ecommerce. And because you have chosen an excellent platform for your ecommerce business, we would like to congratulate you! So to help you succeed even more, we have prepared a beginners guide which will help you to boost your Magento App Store Sales.

How to boost a New Magento App


Welcome Coupons

Customers love it when they are greeted with welcome coupons. Now this is similar to pop-up concept, but different in that they are worth your customer’s attention. This welcome coupon can be displayed on your website, ecommerce Magento App, social media accounts as well as email subscribers. These coupon codes invoke spontaneous purchases, while at the same time get you more customers.

Personalized Thank You Email

Whenever a new customer registers with you, don’t refrain yourself from sending a more personalized thank you (cum welcome email). A more personalized email from a store is a way for customers to think of the business as more genuine and trustworthy. And no, you don’t need to manually email all of your new customers. This can be done by using automated email marketing tools.

Real Time Customer Support

Just like your web store, you can put in a proper real time customer support chat system in your mobile application. Customer support is more than a tool; it is a great way to personalize your business and allow customers to directly have a word with you. This also doubles up as you personally assisting them in their shopping decisions. Isn’t it great? (Extra Tip: You can provide the same support on your Facebook Page and people can ask you their queries 24×7).

Product Ratings & Reviews

People are strictly inclined towards product reviews and ratings, especially when they are trying out a new ecommerce Magento App. So, since yours might be new as well, make way for customers to leave reviews and rate products. This genuine content will make a good impression on the new customers as well as improve your product reviews.

Product Recommendations

Including product recommendations in your app’s product pages is extremely beneficial. It not only keeps them hooked around with the app, but can also influence more purchases. This strategy is a huge plus point and an effective conversion point, especially for businesses of all kinds.

Using the magento mobile app extension, you can not only get started with your own mobile based commerce with an app, but also make sure that you kickstart a brilliant one using these basic steps.

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