How to add new products in Magento Mobile App?

To add new products in your ecommerce Magento Mobile App, all you need is to update your catalog in the Magento Admin Panel.

The extension will automatically synchronize the products from the website in the app. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Login to the Magento Admin.
2. Go to Magento Admin area -> Catalog -> Manage Products -> Add Product.


3. You need to select the product’s Attribute Set and Product Type. Click Continue.


4. On the next page you can fill in the additional product details such as Name, Description, Short Description, SKU, Weight, Status, Visibility etc.


5. After this, you can add more information about the product by accessing the different tabs on the left of the admin panel. For example, click on the ‘Prices’ tab to add price of your product. You can also add additional price options such as Tier Price and Special Price.

6. Go to the image section. Click on the browse button and then upload image.
7. After it go to inventory and make the Stock Availability -> In Stock.
8. Then go to the categories section and assign category to the product.
9. After this step, go to the related products, Up-sells, Cross-sells option and assign products.
10. Then Click Save to save your product.

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