Can I change my magento mobile app plan anytime?

To begin with, you can opt for the free version, i.e. Starter plan and upgrade to the Platinum plan anytime you want to. The Starter plan lets you create a free magento mobile app that has basic features and functionality of a shopping app. The app created using Starter plan has Google Ads in it though.

However, if you want to switch over to the paid version, i.e. The Platinum plan, you can submit a request with us anytime. Our magento mobile app Builder can be used to further customize your app and introduce unique features in it as per your requirement.

The flexibility to switch between the plans allows you to experience dynamically powerful features of both the plans that we offer. The option to switch between the plans is not available with other providers; it is an exclusive option only available with magento mobile shop.

To change your plan, drop us an email at and we will contact you.

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