How to find my iPhone UDID?

iOS based devices such as iPhone or iPod have a unique device identifier, also known as UDID. This identifier is composed of a combination of 40 numbers and letters which identify your device. In order to try out your app in beta phase, you will need UDID of your iPhone.

Follow the below mentioned steps to find your iPhone’s UDID:

  • Connect your iPhone using a USB to a computer and launch Apple iTunes.

  • Go to the navigation menu on the top left, select your iPhone and select the Summary Section.

  • On the right panel, your device’s serial number would be displayed along with other details such as device name, phone number, software version etc. Click the serial number to get your UDID.

  • Use the copy command, i.e. Ctrl+C to copy the UDID and paste it to the notepad. Since you can’t select the UDID, you will have to use the command.

Your device’s UDID may look like this:

If you are still not able to find your iPhone’s UDID, get in touch with us at and we will assist you.

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