Do I need to pay for annual subscription for magento mobile app?

We offer hassle free payment modes for creating awesome iOS and Android shopping apps. If you want to create an app, there is no annual subscription involved for creating magento mobile application for free using the Starter plan.

However, you need to pay for the app if you choose the Platinum plan. Platinum plan is a paid version where we create custom application to match your shopping website. This plan is priced at $499 and you can get a fully customized iconic app that works on cross platform, i.e. Android and iPhone.

There is a one time charge levied for every custom app you create using magento mobile shop’s app builder through the Platinum plan. Thus, you pay once for 1 website mobile app building.

These two plans ensure that you don’t pay for subscription; you get 1 stunning app with one time charge. To know more about the plans, drop us an email at and we will contact you.

2 responses to “Do I need to pay for annual subscription for magento mobile app?”

  1. Hello
    Is this extention entended for a single website use?
    Mean can i use it on different websites to build different apps or i have to pay again to use the extention
    Thank you

    • Hello Hamza,

      This extension is exclusively to be used on one website. So, if you are choosing Starter Plan, you can create as many Android apps for different webstores. But if you are going with Platinum Plan, you will have to pay for it and the extension would be valid for use on just one website. You can get new platinum plan if you want to build more apps.

      Team Magento Mobile Shop

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