3 Key points to consider while testing iOS app for Magento store


Designing an iOS app for Magento store isn’t sufficient unless you have tested it rigorously to ensure a bug free, performance efficient and smooth app. Every high-quality app, regardless of its genre, has a set of key points against which it is tested thoroughly.

For Magento shopping apps, there are certain decisive testing factors that can examine whether an application loads quickly and performs in time or not. Moreover, an online business owner can easily cross check whether the application facilitates a smooth user experience or not.

So, let’s see which are the 3 key points you must look for in your iOS or Android app for Magento.

3 Key points to consider while testing Magento iOS app

The only aim for testing the app is to ensure that end user experience is guaranteed. It definitely implies as to what the end user would get from your app and whether it is engaging enough or not.

    • RUM – Real User Monitoring

      You can make use of the JS codes to effectively record and measure the activity of traffic on your shopping app or website. This performance data collected via real user monitoring enables you to use the accurate and user-specific data to optimize your application for a better customer experience.

      This measurement technique helps online retailers to acquire and retain quality users by identifying their real-time problems they may face while using app. In short, through RUM, you can see how your iPhone app for Magento store facilitates end user experience.


    • STM – Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

      By using this monitoring solution in your app, you can test an app’s step by step procedure and how it affects the end user experience. By using STM, you can analyze the performance of your app, identify reasons for the lack of performance and troubleshoot the issues.

      The ideal benefit of testing in such a way is to ensure that end-to-end transactions are taking place consistently, without any lags. At the end, this testing will help you save a lot of money and maintain an exceptionally high user experience.


    • SSM – Server Side Monitoring

      Server Side Monitoring basically facilitates the transactions between a user and a server – it measures the received and transferred data. In real time, this testing technique can be used to track the response time of an app and how well it deals with the transactions in iPhone app for Magento store.

      There can be many things that you can test in server side monitoring routine – it basically depends on what features you want to test. All in all, if you want to see how fair your app performs along with inputs from real world user, then SSM is your right approach.


Apart from these 3 real world testing factors, you can make a comprehensive list of testing regime to ensure that your application is well made, fully functional and builds a rich end user experience. Based on these and many other monitoring methods, you can test your iOS or Android app for Magento.


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