How to build the costliest iOS app for Magento (absolutely FREE)

Do you often come to your store in early hours, thinking about sparing time to device strategies to boost your ecommerce? Well if you do, you’re not the only one. Retail industry has been steering towards mobile technology more than ever to sustain their business. Despite all the buzz, 44% online retailers all over the world still don’t own a web app to support their trade. The reason being, they misunderstand iOS App For Magento for being a replacement, rather than an incredible extension.

Truth is, ecommerce business cannot sustain without having omni-channels. There has to be as many channels as there can be in order to make sure that customers can reach out easily.

Even then, this connotation is widely rejected by businesses because they assume that their business is all set. This is also widely supported because businesses don’t want to spend money or time.

But this day is a great day for those of you who are reading this blog and own an ecommerce business, because you all can finally create, launch and implement an application for your business without spending money or wasting any time. It’s like building the costliest iOS app for free! So, keep on reading to know more.

Firstly, mobile apps are an extended version of your store and your website. It’s just another way for your shoppers to buy from you, but simplistically! So, if you have, like 4 shopping channels, then application for iOS users would simply be the 5th channel. Moreover, it would boost your ecommerce sales without you having to spend anything on it.

How to build the costliest iOS app for Magento (absolutely FREE)

You need to download the leading and free Magento mobile app extension to initiate the process. Basically, using the extension eliminates the need of manual coding or additional manual work that may be levied in the app development process. In simple words, it is a 0 effort task!

The extension helps in synchronizing your shopping website data and fill it in the app layout. The layout thus gets filled with the live data transmitting directly from the website. Do you see? you don’t even need any maintenance for application!

The extension itself creates the iPhone app for Magento, integrates the plugins, synchronizes the data in real time – it leaves you with only one thing to do – expand your business!

The mobile optimized app is incredibly effective and highly sought after solution that does the work without any investment. The app, without any money spent on it, makes itself a valuable asset for your business that can generate more revenue from the sole smartphone users.

Having an application to support your online business also helps in avoiding the discrepancies that may come down due to the lesser sales with the prior mobile strategies. Since retail apps have become a huge hit among the smartphone users, it makes sense for the online retailers to opt for this more reliable shopping gateway.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry any more for a tedious, complicated, lengthy and costly app development process because you can use the free Magento mobile app extension to create your iPhone and Android app.

By implementing a mobile shopping app, you will be able to drive more conversions through the handheld devices, create unique customer experiences and boost your sales. So, what are you guys waiting for? Make your iOS Magento App for free today!

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