Build Real Estate iOS App For Magento

Build Real Estate iOS App For Magento

Real Estate is a very popular business. Therefore, building an iOS App for Magento Store can be the perfect solution to boost your realtor business because people are going to need houses. So, in this blog we are going to tell you about the numerous possibilities of having a complete iOS App for Magento Store for your real estate business.

Build Realtor iOS App for Magento using Magento iOS App Extension

If you build an application for your real estate website, be assured that it will further facilitate the people who are house searching. You must be thinking that people always do that on your website, but why build an application? That’s because doing so will help you assuredly close real estate deals you are offering.

This is possible because of the many features that you can include in your app. We are listing below a few out of several. So have a look at them yourself.


You can make use of the GPS functionality in your iOS App for Magento Store. This will let your app users to see the location of all the house listings even while on the go. So, apart from the information about the houses up for sale, you also let them locate it easily.

Preferred Location Search

This is like how you would allow for house search through GPS, just that the app users can search per their preference. It simply means that they can search for houses up for sale or rent in specific areas that they are interested in.

Easy Filters

You won’t miss out on basic filters of your choice when building your app with Magento iOS App Extension. Filtered search will help you narrow down the search process of your app users. Thus, they can search by price, location and other keywords.

Inbuilt Mortgage Calculator

You can ease out the entire home searching and funding process for your app users by providing the inbuilt mortgage calculator in the app. This might be one step ahead of your initial thought about having an app for your real estate, but why not? It’s a useful feature.

Ratings & Reviews

You can include the ratings and review section within the app itself so that your clients can rate you. This will not only boost your repute, but will also lead more people to your app. Also, your clients can further refer you to their friends.

These are just a few out of many things that can be done to your Magento App For iOS for your real estate business. The possibilities are endless and all you need is to submit a request to build your application.

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