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Android Magento App: A dime a dozen!


Android Magento App has come out as an excellent mobile centric ecommerce platform in the market. It is one of the best solution to get maximum out of one’s business that too without spending extra bucks.

Today we would be discussing about how the free app for your Android users can bring not only good business to you, but also constitute a greater connection with them.

Android Magento App: A dime a dozen!


Magento has countless features in it that are more beneficial as compared to its other counterparts. The inventory management feature lets you manage the product catalog easily in your online store.

As far as interface and user experience is concerned, one can choose from a vast range of free and paid themes.Thus, you can opt for a freely available theme or a template to go with your free Magento Android app.

The best part about choosing this platform to run your online store is availability of numerous extensions. The amount of extensions available in the market makes it easy for the merchants to add different types of functionality.


Another best part about making a Magento Android app is the open source environment that makes room for developers to create more features. For example, you can make your application suitable for global clientele by adding the multi-lingual capabilities.

Moreover, the Admin dashboard is pretty much easy to use. This allows for easy management of both the website and mobile application. The live synchronization feature also keeps the application updated in real time and needs no extra person to manage the catalog.


Android Magento App is also extremely flexible and can, at anytime make room for more features. Even if you want to upgrade to the Platinum Package, you can easily do so and customize the application accordingly.

And finally, your application can outperform by the exceptional use of SEO methodologies, which can increase your online brand awareness and reputation. All these and many more advantages your business can avail, if you add Android Magento App as an extra shopping portal to it.


If you want to add a free extension to your online business or have any other custom app requirement, feel free to discuss your unique requirements with us and we will get back to you.


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