5 Usability Factors of Magento App That Drive Conversions

5 Usability Factors of Magento App That Drive Conversions

A good user experience always depends on usability of Magento App or even mobile web. And as you may have already figured it out, today we will discuss about different usability factors of a Magento App which influence user conversions. These factors will majorly revolve around designs and visual aspects. So, let’s move ahead.

Magento App Usability Factors To Drive Conversions


(Unblock) Language Barriers

Make sure your app supports language(s) which your customers use. In case your ecommerce business caters to international customers, include multiple language support so that customers can choose their default language. This will not only improve clear communication and easy usability but also make sure that the customers are able to follow the call to actions.

Visual Clarity

When it comes to any ecommerce Magento App, you need to be very sure about the visual clarity. What we are referring to is easy comprehension by customers whenever they see icons, labels, texts etc. in your application. Your selection of easy to understand texts, easy to follow call to actions and most importantly navigable menu will help customers move around the app and avoid any confusion.

Visual App Feedbacks

The next very important factor that affects user conversion is visual feedbacks in app. For instance, a user should be notified about his action in the app. This notification or feedback can be information about product(s) added into the cart or something similar like this. In case of absence of such feedbacks, a user might be left confused about whether the action he did was performed or not.

Product Exploration

This factor is a basic one, but when you choose for free Magento Mobile App Development, make sure you let the users control image zoom so that they can inspect a product visually. Enforcing such a functionality allows the user in making decision. So, let them make decision before making a purchase by allowing them to explore a product.

Prompt For Permission

Many customers might get stuck in case of performing a task when they deny certain permissions. So for in-app permissions, you should stick to relevant permissions only. If the app will prompt users for irrelevant permissions all the time, it would not only confuse them but will leave them stuck amidst a task.

So, if you address to these 5 factors in your fashion or grocery magento app, you can certainly move your customers towards making an order, thus converting them.

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