Is your Magento App’s Checkout Process Smooth

Is your Magento App’s Checkout Process Smooth?

Due to increased mobile commerce, users have certain expectations when they use any Magento App. No matter how sleek your application’s UI maybe or how great the products you sell are, you can’t win a customer unless your application’s checkout process is smooth.       

According to a popular research, most people don’t use a mobile site or app if they face issues during checkout.

Moreover, according to the latest app usage statistics, 81% purchases are made over smartphones.

It simply implies that the need of a seamless checkout process is dire in Magento App especially in the current hour and without it, businesses would lose a lot.

The first necessary thing is to have a seamless design which is attractive enough to hold users on to your Magento App. Make sure that the app design isn’t different from that of your website. In case it looks and feels different, it might confuse the customers. Or better yet, you can go with a very simple design that focuses on displaying the products nicely.

The next step to ensure a smooth checkout process is to have a sound navigation system. For example, most people add products in their cart at different times. In this case, the app should let them go to and fro from the cart. This is where you should leverage the full functionality of your ecommerce Magento Mobile App.

In order to let them have an exceptional experience with checkout process, you should give them a full control over using app. The users should be able to move freely within the app without having to start all over again or losing any data. Remember, breezy navigational control helps in converting the users and that’s exactly what your business goal is.

Also, payment process plays a huge role in ensuring a proper checkout process. Don’t be limited with payment options – instead add as many third-party secured payment options you can. Doing so widens the probability of customers paying without any hassle. Moreover, use of these gateways during checkout provides additional security.

Since we are talking about smooth checkout, keep the payment method storage options as easy as possible. You can include multiple option to save credit/debit card info to avoid future delays. This is an option many customers prefer to have in the Magento Apps they use. Why? Because it saves them a lot of time without having to worry about misuse of data!

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