Improve your Ecommerce Magento Mobile App Visibility

7 Tips to improve exploration feature in your Ecommerce Magento App

It is very imperative to have an enhanced design of your ecommerce Magento App so that it assists customers to easily browse the app. Design always plays a crucial role in converting the shoppers, so if you want to know about the 7 key aspects which can help you boost your sales, then just keep on reading.

Improve your Ecommerce Magento Mobile App Visibility


Complete Product Details

Retailers with complete product details are more likely to get sales order from their applications. If you have used the free magento mobile app extension to make your app then your app will already display the product information such as description, price, sizes, images, videos etc.

Display Product Savings

You maybe giving your customers a lot of discount but it is good to display it explicitly in terms of percentage or amount. This will give them transparency and it will be a “feel good factor” for many since they will know how much they have saved on a particular product.

High Definition Media

Whenever you upload a product, always make sure that the media included with it is high definition. Because of this, the customer would be able to zoom in and zoom out to see a product. This is a great way to allow customers to explore a product as needed. You can also include 360 degree videos of product.

Product Availability

You can make a huge difference in your ecommerce Magento App by showcasing a product’s availability. You can promptly display the availability in this way – out of stock, number of products left etc. In addition to this, you can also have the customers notified about when a product is back in stock.

Delivery Information

You can assist a shopper in making decisions by displaying the delivery information about a product such as shipping and handling charges or date of delivery.

Drive Sales Through Consumer Based Content

Reviews, feedback and recommendations from customers not only boosts your ecommerce Magento App repute, but also encourages new customers to try a product. You should remember that consumer based content can be positive or negative, which can be filtered on the app.

Showcase Related Products

While exploring product(s), a customer is highly likely to continue exploring your app if you display related products. This allows them to see similar products which come under same category, price range or are highly recommended by other customers.

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