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Why Magento Mobile App is more Business Oriented


As compared to a mobile site, a Magento Mobile App is more successful in meeting with the end goal of an online business, i.e. getting more sales. Even though a responsive site would suffice the need of an internet presence, an app excels in conversions and thus proves itself as a more business oriented tool.

Whether you have an ecommerce grocery store or a fashion store, an app can create not only awareness but also help further in expanding your business across different platforms. We would be listing the many reasons the presence of an app is more fruitful for an online retail business rather than a website. So just keep on reading.

The Difference: App Vs. Website

A Magento mobile app has far more features that facilitate the monitoring, sending out push notifications, alerts etc. and even provides enough data for business forecasting. Whereas, a website is functional, but is limited when it comes to dynamic and more user friendly features, it falls behind. In short, a website is more suitable for user friendly information and content, whereas an app is more quick to access and convert a visitor.

In most of the cases, having an application as well as website are both considered good for an online retail business. But still if you are reaping in for more sales and unexpected revenue, an app is more suitable.


Advantages of Magento Mobile App


Boost User Engagement

Mobile app offers a better layout and design to display the product catalog. With the right placement of products, users find it easy to browse and purchase products.


Intuitive Interaction

A website is not able to strike a natural interaction with your users. However, an application’s layout, theme and navigation is far better at providing intuitive interaction with user.


High Level Personalization

With an app, it is easy to provide a high level of personalized shopping that too in real time. Regular users can get related suggestions and additional perks of using the app.


Complete Support

A mobile app is better to appropriately offer a comprehensive support feature. From customer queries to how-to’s and instructions to live order tracking, an ecommerce Magento Mobile App offers more.


Offline Work Mode

A mobile app is easily available in offline mode and can grant access to customer to perform certain tasks. This liberty is not available in a responsive website as it relies on internet connection.


Easy Native Functionality

An application is capable of making use of the native features, such as camera, mic etc. to improve the functionality and provide user with a smooth experience.

With so many advanced features offered by an app, you definitely can’t miss out on having it. Do you want to make your free ecommerce Magento Mobile App? If yes, then write to us at and we will build your app.


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