2008-2016: Magento Mobile App Trend

From grocery to lifestyle and fashion, Magento Mobile App for online shopping has become an inherent part of our lifestyles. We might be slaves to technology. But technology, especially smartphone and internet has made our lives so much easier. The world is just a tap away and we can get access to just about anything…

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How effective is Magento iOS App for your business

To feel celebrated as a brand, many online business owners tend to accomplish many goals such as making a free Magento iPhone App for their iOS users. It is obviously well known than shopping applications, in particular, have become an exclusive tool to carry out goals such as boosting revenue, brand awareness, marketing and so on….

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Is your Magento Mobile App Empowering your consumers?

Companies and brands have been for long, embracing new technologies to aid their business. Although the strategies evolved from time to time, but the purpose was only one – to empower the business. However, things have changed a bit now. B2B and B2C online retailers are empowering their consumers now with the help of ecommerce…

How to choose best view option in Magento Mobile App?

Online mobile shoppers are notably fussy shoppers. If not satisfied by one brand’s shopping website or Magento Mobile App, they wouldn’t mind sprinting onto other app. So, what does it take to make users to stay? User Interface it is! UI/UX plays a huge role in determining whether users will love your online app or…