Magento Android App

Why is it fun shopping from Magento Android app

  Modern day shoppers are in love with ecommerce and their craving for shopping is nowadays being satiated by Magento Android app. Why an Android application? Because a majority of people own these devices. So, with the rising trend of shopping online, a mobile  app certainly comes as a breath of fresh air. You must…

Magento Android App

How to customize a Magento Android App for fashion store

  Shopping applications have become an indispensable part for fashion stores. Although it has become crucial for almost all online retail businesses, but businesses which are into fashion and lifestyle products can not miss out on having an application. So, to ensure that you are right on the track of bagging more sales, you need…

Magento Mobile App

3 Ways Magento Mobile App Fosters Customer Relationship

  Customer relationship is as imperative as any investment for a business. Without having an exhaustive procedure to handle customers, no company can manage customer relationship. Coincidentally, if you have an online eCommerce Magento Mobile App, then you can easily foster a great customer relationship by using it in 3 simple ways. In short, you…

Android Magento App

Android Magento App: The Basic of Ecommerce

  Do you run an online ecommerce store? Do you think that a mere website is more than enough for an overgrowing business? Well, things have changed and you need a bit more to have a flourishing business. What you need is a basic yet necessary eCommerce channel for mobiles – Android Magento App. Application…

android magento app

Android Magento App: A dime a dozen!

  Android Magento App has come out as an excellent mobile centric ecommerce platform in the market. It is one of the best solution to get maximum out of one’s business that too without spending extra bucks. Today we would be discussing about how the free app for your Android users can bring not only…

magento mobile app

Use of Magento Mobile App for Optimum Promotion

  With every new promotion comes an automatic expectation of increased market potential, audience and ROI. However, when it comes to mobile commerce promotion, a Magento Mobile App has everything it takes to master the art of marketing techniques. While you may be hoping on increasing your app users or social following, you will be…

Magento Mobile App

Why Magento Mobile App is more Business Oriented

  As compared to a mobile site, a Magento Mobile App is more successful in meeting with the end goal of an online business, i.e. getting more sales. Even though a responsive site would suffice the need of an internet presence, an app excels in conversions and thus proves itself as a more business oriented…

Magento mobile app

How Magento Mobile App design affects user engagement

  Magento Mobile App has become a primary tool for eCommerce business owners, making it their reliable and trusted way to provide their services. However, with so many similar service providers available, how do you remain the first choice of your customers? It all comes down to how you design your app to stay helpful…

Magento Android App

Magento Android App to fetch you extra customers!

  Smartphones and other portable devices have been making the people go crazy all around the world. It is an obvious fact that smartphones and apps are the hottest topics these days, making it even more beneficial for many online business owners to pursue a Magento Android App. An application definitely sells better than a…

Magento Mobile App

Mobile Page Speed Woes: What’s the solution?

  Online shoppers these days are constantly fueled up to shop great offers and amazing deals right through their smartphones. But the biggest disappointment they usually can expect is slow page speed – of a website or an app. However, the slow speed problem is more prevalent when customers try to browse a mobile website….