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Mobile Page Speed Woes: What’s the solution?

  Online shoppers these days are constantly fueled up to shop great offers and amazing deals right through their smartphones. But the biggest disappointment they usually can expect is slow page speed – of a website or an app. However, the slow speed problem is more prevalent when customers try to browse a mobile website….

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3 irresistible reasons why people love Magento Mobile App

Back in the day, retailers used to solely rely on unconventional marketing ways to get people to their stores. However, digital revolution and ecommerce Magento mobile app has made shopping an effortless task for the shoppers, thereby making it much more easy for retailers to focus on their sales. People now shop anytime, anywhere and…

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Free Magento Mobile App Extension For Entrepreneurial Startups

  Magento ecosystem is becoming infallible with evolvements and new changes unfolding every single day. From going mobile to introducing flexible, pliable and easy-on-pocket solutions, free magento mobile app extension has made itself as a prominent member of the industry. As a matter of fact, it has reinforced a new way of accepting the technology,…

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Is your MMobile App for Magento user centric?

  Retail business models sometimes lay so much emphasis on their values that they implement a very rigid and business-centric plans which do not solve the problems at user end. However, retail industry depends largely on customers, which is why online shopping apps are purely focused on users. If you own a magento mobile app,…

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5 Mobile App features that boost Magento store sales

  Online retail revenue has been growing at a staggering rate through mobile devices over the last few years. As people continue browsing more from their smartphones and tablets on the go, the businesses get more assertive to make progressive decisions. Continuing that, you can leverage the mobile retail by making use of the fantastic…